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Joey Shillolo


I Help Busy Professionals Get Fit, Without Burning Out !

As a member of CSEP (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology) since 2000, I’ve been getting busy professionals of Toronto fit, one body at a time. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or add lean muscle, contact me today and get started!


For those that don’t know me that well yet, it may surprise you that I have not always been fit, and that I once struggled with my weight, body image, and self-esteem.  At the age of 15, I was 35 pounds overweight, and unknowingly dealing with anxiety and depression when I felt I had to make some changes to feel better. A pivotal moment was when I asked my parents for a weight set for my birthday, and never looked back! I didn’t have a clue what I was doing lol, but I was driven and didn’t miss one single day of training for over a year straight! Obviously not the smartest approach, I did however transform myself physically and forged a permanent affinity for exercise that has stuck to this day.  

While mentally I am still not out of the woods, I’ve learned that exercise is my silver bullet to help manage anxiety and my mental health. I rely on daily exercise as much for my brain as I do for my body. It sets the foundation that allows me to play hard at the game of life. 

So why am I mentioning my story to you? Well, just like I have literally transformed my entire life with fitness, I’m passionate about helping people like you achieve similar results!  Imagine, how would you feel, or certain areas of your life look like, with a stronger body and a stronger mind? 

I hope sharing my story also conveys that I not only have the compassion for the struggles you’re going through, but most importantly nearly 30 years of experience, education, and strategies to help you succeed at the pace that is best for you !

JS3 Personal Training


I believe health goes beyond just getting fit in the gym, although that certainly is an important piece.  Mindset, motivation, and a healthy lifestyle choices all stem from a holistic approach that includes daily engagement of the mind, body, and spirit.  These 3 pillars aren't just typical fitness semantics, the JS3PT brand is put into practice with my coaching style, working with clients like you each and every session.  In short, to feel our best inside and out we must strive for health in:

Mind, by applying a growth mindset to deal with life’s challenges

Body,  by moving daily in order to have a fit body that provides strength and resilience for living

Spirit, by striving to be our best for more than just ourselves


Edwin Frizzell

Edwin Frizzell

Joey has been a great "coach" as I re-work my post-pandemic workout agenda! He is a strong communicator, very knowledgeable about body mechanics and takes the time to work on my personal goals. Specifically, he introduced me to key exercises that have allowed me to manage stress, travel and office related body impacts! His guidance through the past several months have been the difference between me being able to be successful versus on the side-lines due to chronic back issues! I highly recommend his training and coaching style and abilities!


4 Year Specialized Kinesiology Degree,  York University 

3 Year Fitness and Leisure Diploma, Cambrian College  

Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP)

PICP BioSignature Practitioner

PICP Level 1 

Functional Assessment and Training Course- DTS

Advanced strength training methods- DTS

Modified Strongman and Energy system Training- DTS

Fascial Abrasion Tool Course- Mark Scappaticci

Crossfit Level 1 Certified

Fascia Stretch Therapy Essentials

Animal Flow Level 1

Kettle Bells Level 1 and 2- DTS

Mobility 101- The Ready State

Neurotyping Level 1 -Thib Army 

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Striking Fundamentals- DTS

Power Lifting Fundamentals -DTS

Functional Yoga For Athletes - The Ready State

Low Back Pain Specialist- DTS

Hypertrophy Fundamentals -DTS


IDFA (International Drug Free Athletics) 2008 Novice Light Weight Body Building Champion

Received the General Service Award for time contributing to the mission in Afghanistan

Member of the York University Faculty of Health’s Dean’s List

Competed and coached in amateur boxing (5 sanctioned bouts)

Assisted with Dr. Stu Peterson of the University of Alberta to develop the DND fire fighter applicant test (2005)

2010/11 Personal Trainer of the Year, Goodlife Fitness, Canada

Top 50 Trainer - Sweat Equity Magazine 2019

GLPTI National Trainer 

DTS Fitness Education Instructor 

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