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How to Stop "Night Worrying" - 5 Minute Action

Ever notice that our brains love to surface our worries just as we’re falling asleep—or when we wake up to pee?

The result: Instead of enjoying a deep slumber, we start chewing on our anxieties—but without actually solving or effectively processing anything.

But here’s an exercise that can help:

The brain dump.

It’s an easy ritual that can help you mentally let go of your worries by putting them on paper right before bed—and literally set them aside for the night.

You probably get the idea, but here’s what it might look like.

cartoon infographic with black male and a journal explaining brain dump exercise
Brain Dump Exercise

Simple, right?

It can work really well, but the biggest challenge: Getting yourself to actually do it.

Call it a 14-day challenge that takes just five minutes a night. That tiny time investment could save you a whole lot of tossing and turning.

Of course, like anything, maybe it’ll work for you—and maybe it won't. But there’s only one way to know for sure.

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