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Top 5 Ways Online Coaching Can Maximize Results...Even If You Already Go To The Gym!

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

For those that love going to the gym because of the variety of different equipment, access to amenities, and even the social interactions, I am totally with you, I personally think of the gym as my happy place and I can't live without it!

However when it comes to efficiency and results, online coaching may be a better option for some, especially if you find it an uncomfortable environment and want to avoid busy crowds and the stressful commute. And if you are a gym goer, consider how much more you could get out of your gym routine by leveraging the expertise of a well established health coach.

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As a trainer, I hate to say this, but when we zoom out and take a broad perspective on health, the gym is only one variable. Don't get me wrong, 3+ resistance training workouts a week is probably one of the most powerful tools you can use to achieve almost any health goal. However, in my experience, its the 160+ hours a week outside of the gym that interfere with progress, and this is what most people need more guidance and support with.

Lifestyle factors such as; How much daily movement are you getting in? Are you consistently getting 8 hours sleep a night? Are your nutrition habits in line 80% of the time? Do you have a mobility plan that keeps your body free of aches and pains? Do you have strategy to keep on track during high stress periods? These variables, and more, can make or break anyones best efforts in the gym. And just like a gym program, the same methods of assessment, individualization, and systematic coaching should be applied.

So when it comes to hiring a coach, or choosing any service for that matter, don't you want the best person possible for that job? The unfortunate reality is however, that when it comes to hiring a trainer, most people are usually limited to their local gym and then randomly paired with whomever is available at the time. Given this scenario, what are the odds you actually get the best, most qualified, and experience person for YOU?

The good news now days tho, is you don't have to leave it to chance any more.

With online coaching, you are in control and can pretty much choose to work with any trainer in the world. Which brings me to my top 5 benefits of working with an online coach.

  1. Truly personalized programming and scheduling. Instead of conforming with the gyms trainer availability, you can get the program and schedule that fits best for your life. Some people get better results with longer less frequent workouts, others are more successful with exercising every day for 15 minutes or less. Both methods can certainly work. So choose the program stream thats best for YOU - Workout how you want, where you want, and when you want.

  2. Time efficiency. Because you may not require a gym, this will save a tone of commuting time and stress rushing to and from the gym. Many of my clients have experienced massive results by getting their workouts in at home or even at the office. When programmed correctly, body weight exercises, resistance bands, a few dumbbells/kettle bells, with a lacrosse ball for soft tissue work is all you really need to achieve most fitness goals. (I can help set this up for you). Even if you are going to the gym, guided movement and mobility days away from the gym using the above should be included to enhance recovery and keep the body pain free.

  3. More cost effective. Especially if your not going to a gym, this eliminates membership fees, transportation costs, and club overhead that gets added on to your personal training rate. This means you can get a better, more experienced trainer for less than the typical cost.

  4. Better accountability and support. With online coaching you can get multiple modes of engagement with a combination of in-person and/or virtual coaching and program tracking using the True Coach App. This keeps communication easy and support ongoing. So your progress can be monitored from anywhere in the world with daily check ins and quick and easy access to the exercise video library. This is especially useful to help keep on track during business travel or vacations.

  5. Removes thinking and planning. Instead of being unsure of what to do, or doing the same old boring exercises and being frustrated with a lack of results, delegate your fitness plan to an expert fitness professional. This allows you to focus all of your time and energy into a proven, systematic, and progressive training plan made for you. This is especially important for those with demanding professional and family lives.

In summary, with online training you have access to almost any coach in the world, so instead of just rolling the dice with your local gym, seek out the best coach for your needs. And even if you are a gym goer, consider having an expert guide your workouts to ensure your program is set up up wisely, your technique is on point, and you get support with the other 160+ hours outside of the gym that could be limiting your progress.

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Thanks for reading and please reach out with any questions or comments! If you're looking improve your health and fitness with online or in in person coaching please reach out to book a free consultation. My personal training studio services downtown Toronto and is just steps away from the UP Train at Union Station.


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