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Meal Prep Strategy- How to Make 4 Meals from One Greek Salad

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Hi Guys! If your looking for a meal prep strategy to get multiple meals form just one salad, then this post is for you!

Meal preparation is key to any nutritional plan. Another key is having 3-5 go-to meals that are easy and nutritious! In this video we show you how to turn a delicious greek salad into 4 meals.

Meal # 1 - Greek Salad to have on its own or as a side dish. Proportions are based on size and/or preference; 1/3 Red Onion Diced 1/2 Tomato Diced 1 Avocado Diced 6-8 Black olives Diced 1/2 Red or Yellow Pepper Diced 1 Bowl of Spinach, Mixed Greens, Arugula etc Dressing 1/2 Lemon juice 2-3 Tables Spoons of Olive Oil 2-3 Pinches of Oregano Salt and pepper as needed

Meal # 2 - Greek Salad Omelette Poor Olive oil onto Frying Pan (cook at low to medium heat) Add Salad to Pan When vegetables are cooked poor salad into bowl and add 2-3 whole eggs Add a little more olive oil to pan then add salad and egg mixture to pan Cook and Enjoy !

Meal # 3 - Greek Salad in a jar for lunch Recommended to not dress salad as it will turn soggy Add dressing first so it sits at bottom of jar Add Salad onto of dressing Close Jar and store upright When ready to eat, turn upside down to mix dressing

Meal #4 - Greek Salad Wrap with Chicken (or any protein) Lay wrap out Add Salad Add Chicken or any protein Roll up wrap and enjoy !

Hope you find this meal prep strategy useful, thanks for reading and please let us know how your training is going in the comments.

You can also book in for a free consultation and assessment to set up personalized plan to get you fit without burning out! I specialize in helping busy professionals in the st. Lawrence Market, Distillery district, and Corktown neighbourhoods of Toronto. I also offer online coaching and virtual sessions for those outside the downtown Toronto area.

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