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Motivation Hacks - 5 Tips to keep your workouts on track!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Hi Guys! If your looking for 5 strategies to boost motivation and be more consistent in the long term with your fitness, then this post is for you!

Below is a summary of the 5 strategies I discuss in the video. Start out by applying just one of these tactics today!

Hack #1 - Develop Systems and Strategies to reduce decision making

Hack #2 - Design and engaging environment and eliminate distractions

Hack #3- Mental games "Quite tomorrow" ...if you get something in today

Hack #4- Take the "Work" out of Workout - Consistency matters more the intensity

Hack #5- Try something new

Hope you find these strategies useful, thanks for reading and please let us know how your training is going in the comments.

You can also book in for a free consultation and assessment to set up personalized plan to get you fit without burning out! I specialize in helping busy professionals in the st. Lawrence Market, Distillery district, and Corktown neighbourhoods of Toronto. I also offer online coaching and virtual sessions for those outside the downtown Toronto area.


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