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Easy Fix for Bad Posture- Realign the spine and reduce shoulder and neck pain !

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Hi Guys! If you're looking for an easy mobility exercise that helps correct spinal alignment and reduce shoulder and neck pain, then this post is for you !

Try this for 10-15 minutes a day. Either before or after workouts.

This exercise requires almost no effort and has the following benefits:

1- Gently reestablishes our spines natural curvatures. Gravity and bad posture are ways our spine gets compressed and out of alignment, this gently brings the spine back into proper alignment.

2- Decompressing the spine, increases the intervertebral space and improves nerve signalling to our muscles. Thus improving our muscles force output and our performance potential.

3- The tight muscles in the anterior portion of our chest and shoulder girdle get a gentle stretch. These muscles are often tight from bad postures we exhibit throughout the day (think screen time).

4- Especially if we focus on breathing it can calm the nervous system and facilitate with recovery and sleep. Focus on breathing through the diaphragm, trying to make our exhales longer then our inhales. If you have trouble unwinding at the end of the day try this before bed time.

Hope you find this video useful, please let us know how your training is going in the comments.

You can also book in for a free consultation and assessment to get started on a personalized fitness plan that works for you! I specialize in helping busy professionals in the st. Lawrence Market, Distillery district, and Corktown neighbourhoods of Toronto. I also offer online coaching and virtual sessions for those outside the downtown Toronto area.


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