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How to Fix Tight Hip Flexors! 20 min follow along mobility routine including 2 Mobility Assessments

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

If you're looking to relieve hip flexor tension and have more lasting improvements in hip mobility, then this follow along workout is for you! No Static Stretching!

Hi Guys! Welcome back to my Express workout series, where we help busy people like you keep consistent with your workouts. These workouts can be followed along in real time …at anytime, just choose the best routine for you! In this mobility session, we start of by measuring hip flexion Range of Motion, which is especially important for runners and cyclists. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons with should be able to achieve between 120-130 degrees of hip flexion.

We then go through a mobility circuit that focuses on activating and strengthening the muscles around the hips and core to improve hip mobility rather than the typical static stretching many of us may be doing to reduce muscle tightness. This school of thought comes from the folks at MAT, or Muscle Activation Techniques, and a seminar I took with them at a Canfitpro Conference. In short, from their perspective, tight muscles are more related to weak or unstable muscles surrounding the muscles versus an actual flexibility issue. So instead of using the typical methods of static stretching to resolve the issue, they instead focus on activating and stabilizing the surrounding muscles, which in turn relieves tension and increased mobility around the joint.

We end the session by discussing the Beighton assessment Score which will help guide your mobility practice by determining how much static stretching, if at any, you need to include in your routine. Please be safe and follow along at whatever pace is best for you.

Thanks for reading and I really hope you enjoy this workout! Please reach out with any questions or comments and let me know how your training and nutrition is going! You can also book in for a free consultation and assessment to set up a personalized plan that works for you! I specialize in helping busy professionals in the st. Lawrence Market, Distillery district, and Corktown neighbourhoods of Toronto. I also offer online coaching and virtual sessions for those outside the downtown Toronto area.

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Pamela Weber
Pamela Weber
13. Mai 2021

Feeling the burn. Definitely pointed out a problem area. Great routine for everyone. Thanks Joey!

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